Subscribe vs Publish

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Subscriber or publisher? Do you consume or do you create? Do you do both? Do you hae balance?

We're constantly being bombarded by media from all directions. It's like walking through a minefield in snowshoes, interacting with content is unavoidable. No matter how hard we try, and you have to try very hard (tin-foil hat hard), it's inevitable that at some point today, we will see an ad, read a blog, watch the latest trending craze on YouTube, check Reddit, check Facebook, check our Twitter feed, check Reddit again.

We're all consumers. And we don't have to try very hard to get what we crave today. But consuming isn't the same as subscribing. Subscribing implies trust, an investment, a commitment.

Do not oversubscribe. Be selective with the content you trust. Only when you are super selective with your content can you see and fill the gaps. Publishers fill the gaps.

When you publish, you articulate your own thoughts as an act of brave, vulnerable, unselfishness.  Here are my thoughts! Here is my wisdom! If it helps, great, if not, thats ok too!  Because when you start, you publish for an audience of one. You fill the gaps you see in the world.

We can no longer hide from content. It subtly or not so subtly touches our lives from the moment we wake to the moment we rest our head on our pillow and check our email, Twitter, and Reddit one final time before bed. We decide our position, our place, our team.

Our thoughts deserve an opportunity to fill the gaps, even our own. I hit publish because I believe the more we share, the more value we add to the minefield of media. And maybe, our minefields will one day become more like goldmines.

Subscribe or publish? What's your position, your place, your team? Where are your gaps?  Go.  Fill them.