Permission Slips

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Remember permission slips--those little half-sheets from school to be signed and returned no later than 3:00PM Friday.  If you didn't have your form, you were screwed. I still see people searching for "permission" and here's my advice--sign your own paper. Don't wait for someone else's approval to get your hands dirty. You won't be graceful at first, but even the best start somewhere. Do you think Michael Jordan asked for permission before dribbling the ball to his neighborhood court?

Usually, we wait because we're afraid. Who wants to look like a fool? Then again, who's really making the mistake?  I'd rather be on the court missing shots than sitting in the bleachers laughing. It's like Double Dutch. For a while you just stand there watching. Then you figure out the pattern and calculate your entry. Finally, you jump in and pray you don't step on any ropes.  But if you never leap, what will you learn? What do you gain? You don't need any more signatures--only your own.


Date: August 31, 2013   

Signature: Brian Hertzog