On Syria

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Tonight, I walked home from work.  On my way, I passed a man and woman arguing on the sidewalk.  They didn't seem to know each other.  As I walked closer, I could hear and see the verbal assault escalating.  When I was about to pass them, the man spit on the woman and walked away.  She shouted "someone call the police" and continued to follow the man.

I felt bad, for both of them.  For the woman, no one deserves to be spit on.  For the man, why were you driven to such actions?  I didn't see what caused the argument.  Probably something stupid.  But as a third party, I couldn't help but feel obliged to do something.  I should have done something right?

It pains me that my country is in this same predicament.  Except, more than spit and a few harsh words are on the line.  People are dying.  Should we do something?  What are the options?

I won't pretend to know much about the confrontation--I don't.  I'm just a person walking by.  But, I do know that violence doesn't cure hate.  Americans don't want to fund another war far away from home.  So, we wait for government to decide.  Should we defend our stance against chemical weapons?  Should we do anything at all?

I have no answers to these questions.  But somehow I'm hoping we "do the right thing".  Is there a right thing?  Someone is going to lose.  Who am I to ask "what should we do?"  Just keep walking.  Just keep walking.