Moving to San Francisco

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

After ten months in Berkeley, I am moving to San Francisco.  It's a bitter-sweet feeling as I've grown to love the Berkeley area, the food, the scenery, and the always interesting people.

My new home in San Francisco will be in the Mission.  I will be one block from one of the best bakeries in the city, as well as Dolores Park, and Bi-Rite grocery.

It will be a new adventure, a new challenge, and a new opportunity.  I am very grateful to have found this place and I know deep in my heart this will be a prosperous move for my life and career.

It's never easy letting go.  We all attach ourself to people, places, and things.  But such is the beauty of life.  Nothing lasts forever.  With an open heart and open mind we can let love and joy into our life.  We can appreciate life's fragilities, and we can share our love with the world.

I will miss you Berkeley. See you in San Francisco.