Waiting For Your Calling

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Are you waiting?  Have you ever wondered when the golden hand will pick you and solve all your fears?

Well, I have.  As nonsensical as this sounds, I used to fantasize about being a movie star like Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe.  I was just waiting for the moment when a famous director would walk by me on the street and decide to make me a star in his or her latest box office buster.

That's how movie stars are made right?  Except, not really.  Show business is notoriously one of the hardest industries to break in to and emerge successful.  Actors read thousands of scripts and take hundreds of auditions before landing the leading gig.

But, waiting for that chance encounter may not be the wisest use of our limited time.  Sometimes, you have to make your luck.  Sometimes, you have to make the call, go to the audition, ask for the job.

I'm not waiting for my calling any longer, because I'm the one making the call.