Where Does Happiness Come From?

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

As a citizen of the United States of America, you are privileged with the right to pursue happiness.  But, what exactly are we seeking?  Where does happiness come from?

Happiness is an idea.  It is not something we can touch or see, it is an emotion, a feeling.  Like most feelings, happiness can be fragile.  One moment it's there and the next it can vanish.  I've often wondered if it is possible to feel happy and sad at the same time.  Or, what are we when we are in between feeling happy and sad?

Happiness is not something that can be bought.  We can not ask for extra happiness from a menu, or order happiness through  We can however decide to engage more with our sources of happiness.

The reason happiness may seem so elusive is that every person has his or her own things that make them happy.  Here are some of mine:

Appreciation, laughter, family, friends, feeling of victory, being, existing, understanding, hope, opportunity, memories

Rather than seek an idea, why not spend more time engaging in your sources of happiness?  I may not know where happiness comes from, but I do know what makes me happy, and maybe, just maybe, that is all I really need to understand.