What A Wonderful World

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

I am a spec. A spec on a spec on a grain of sand on the beach of the universe. My hundred years, give or take a few are nothing on the timeline of forever. Maybe if you had a magnifying glass, you could pick out a chunk of one thousand years, maybe. But even then, it would be ten times the lifespan of a human, so you still wouldn't be able to visualize how tiny our slice looks at scale.

With our itty bitty flash of life, we make people laugh, cry, meet new friends, find lovers, go on adventures, collect a library of unbelievable stories, silly stories, scary stories, have children of our own, teach them everything we know, and watch as they make their own adventures. It's incredible. 

So much happens in our little blip. Football tailgates, first kisses, exotic vacations, snow angels, it really doesn't matter. The odds have always been against us, yet the miracle of life allows us to experience magic. It gives us our own little window to do something remarkable--the kind of opportunity that comes around only "once in a lifetime".

It can be the worst place. It can also be the best place. It's home to us all, this great big world of ours. And though our time is short, work is hard, and hearts fragile, I can't help but think, how wonderful. What a wonderful world.