Building Visions

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

We can't predict the future, but we can imagine what it looks like. What kind of person will we date? What will our homes look like? Weekend plans? These questions all have fuzzy answers.  They're not crystal clear, but we have a rough sketch. 

Imagination is a hell of a tool. I find it hilarious that in kindergarten they teach you to use your imagination but after that, no more. It's all information. Right or wrong. We're instructed to think binary when the world is more colorful, playful, and mailable than we presume. The secret is to keep imagining. Remember, building a "dream life" still requires you to dream.

Visualize your fantasy and work backwards. It's amazing how answers to problems manifest out of thin air when you know what you're looking for. It's only when the future looks totally dark that you need worry. The rest is reverse engineering. E.g. to get to "C" you must go through "B".

It can't be that simple. Maybe not, but it's worked so far. Imagining your future won't give you all the answers. What it will do is prepare you. You'll recognize the signs, and sometimes that little "heads up" is all the future we need. Don't get hung up on details. As long as your path is illuminated, have confidence in your ability to handle the bumps. 

You're the architect of your life. Imagine that.