When Gifts Meet Passion

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

When gifts meet passion, something magical happens. It's hard to articulate, but when you see it, you know. Michael Jackson. Pablo Picasso. Steve Jobs. The Beatles.

What does it take to change the world? A little bit of talent and a whole lot of passion. When the two combine, it's like an explosion. The force of each individually is powerful, but when you put them both together, it's magic. An unstoppable force.

You often hear someone say, "they were born to do that". But it's not that easy. Just because you're seven feet tall does not qualify you for the NBA. You need to put in the hours.

Don't wait for a bolt of lightning to strike the ground and spell out your talent in a fiery message. Instead, follow your passions. You're much more likely to discover a gift by starting with what you already enjoy doing in the first place. If the talent is missing from the equation, you still have a good time. For example, I love singing--but I probably will keep my day job and leave the singing to The Beatles. This doesn't make me dislike singing, it just means the talent and passion are not a good match. If I was really passionate, I would practice every day until I felt comfortable enough to perform. Instead, I focus my passion elsewhere.

It's a privilege to watch someone with talent doing what they love. Not only do they amaze and share their gifts, but they inspire us through their accomplishments. "That could be me someday," I think to myself, even if its not true. It's the possibility that we love.

So many people stress about finding their calling. We want to discover "what we're good at." I believe you will be best at what you love doing most. If it's baking cookies instead of singing or basketball, then do that! Your passion will show, and your talent will be rewarded. No one bakes cookies quite like you, with all the love poured in to the ingredients. That's the magic. That's the power.

Not only will you know, we will know. It's obvious. You give permission for everyone else to follow their passion. You can show us how. Start with what you love.