The Audience Effect

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

When you are an actor on stage, or a musician performing a show, you know something the audience does not.  You know how it's "supposed to go".  If you flub a line, it's internal tragedy!  Miss a cue?  The song is a cacophony.

Except, it's not.  It's ok.  The audience doesn't know right from wrong, only good from bad.  Sometimes, we are victims of the audience effect.  Sometimes we believe in something or someone only to discover we've been deceived.  Duped.  Bamboozled.

If you mess up, your audience might not know.  Don't crumble in humiliation, instead "roll with the punches".  Improvise.  You may have butchered the line or missed the cue but you also might be the only one who knows.  The script isn't what is written, it's what's said.

Unless you run off stage, the show is exactly as planned.  Convince them they are seeing an Oscar-worthy performance and they see greatness.  You write the script.  You know the secret.  The audience doesn't know.