Bridging The Gap

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Are the people we want to be and the people we are now that different?  Are we not experienced enough, not old enough, over experienced, too old?  Where is the magical "Goldilocks moment" when we are exactly the person we imagine? What are we the rest of the time?

The Golden Gate Bridge is a phenomenal feat of engineering.  Spanning a gap of 4,200 feet, it is a testament to the marriage of beauty and functionality.  It can be done.

Fortunately for us, our gap is nowhere near 4,200 feet.  We are closer than we think. Keep bridging, even if its one foot at a time. The shorter the bridge, the easier the construction.  It can be done.  Make your art.  Move your mountains.  Take pride in your "work".

Go.  Bridge that gap.