When Your Best Is Not Enough

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Don't give up!  That's the easy way out.  It's an excuse.  "I gave it my best, it didn't work, time to raise the white flag."

Sound familiar?  We've all said it.  No one likes admitting that our best is not enough.  But in competitive win or lose scenarios, someone has to win, and the other "loses".  How you accept the loss is up to you.

If you see loss as feedback, as research, as an outline for improvement, you're on your way.  Loss is inevitable, defeat is a choice.

When your best is not enough, keep practicing, keep innovating, keep the momentum moving forward.  Success will happen.  Your best will get better.  Your bar will be higher. You will master your art.  You will share it with the world.  Because your best is always enough.  Only, it's our decision to stop giving it, or to keep the momentum moving forward.