The Head On The Shoulder

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

It is a Saturday afternoon on the train.  We are coasting in to the city, picking up passengers as we glide along.

A young couple sits by the door, one with her head on the shoulder of the other, in Saturday afternoon bliss.  Her eyes are closed and the noise of the train vanishes to the background, as the comfort of her partner is the only sound she hears.

She is as vulnerable as it gets.  Her mind is nowhere else.  Her trust is on that shoulder. Minutes go by, their destination nearing with every stop.  But still, her head remains.

There are times when we all need a shoulder.  We have to be able to close our eyes and breathe, while someone touches our hair.  When we wake, we are renewed, happy to see the face of our shoulder.  We are happy to find trust.  When we find it, we have to keep it close.

The train and the couple are long gone.  Their moment lives only in this post.  Life's essence is captured in moments like the girl and her shoulder.

When we are vulnerable, we find trust.  We can smile, knowing that in the long run, things are going to be alright.  We can learn to savor moments like the head on the shoulder.  And we can rest our own heads still, in Saturday afternoon bliss, as the world zips by the window.