Seek Wonder

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

I love magic.  When I was younger, I asked my parents to take trips to the local magic shop so I could watch the owner practice tricks on potential customers.  It was great.

But it wasn't any particular illusion or the magician, it was the wonder that made me love magic.  It was the woosh of adrenaline that came in the split second after the trick.

When I feel lost, I think back to the magic shop.  If I can find that feeling in work, friends, relationships, I know I will be heading in the right direction.  I want to seek wonder and share the same feeling I had as a young boy with the world.  It does not matter that the trick was an illusion.  The feeling of wonder was the same.

Seek wonder, seek magic, share it with the world.  Make the seemingly impossible, possible.  Because all it takes is a second, and in that moment, there is magic.