Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Tonight I'm inspired. Tonight I had the privilege of meeting some amazing people, the kind of people that make you feel like you can do anything, the kind of people who challenge you to challenge yourself. Tonight was a great night. I love moments like these, when even though we might feel like we are doing so much, we are exposed to work that dwarfs our own. In comparison, our efforts do not come close, our hurdles are but grains of sand to others.

This is the magic of inspiration. This is why I love working in Silicon Valley, why I do not mind working long hours, and why I love entrepreneurship. The higher the bar, the more excited we become, the more passion we bring. A problem can be viewed as a problem or, it can be viewed as an opportunity. I try to see opportunities. It is not always this "easy". There are moments when the white flag is all we can think about. But tonight, on nights like these, I am inspired. Tonight I see opportunities, and tonight anything is possible.