Write It Down

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Before I started publishing to this blog, I kept several journals with me. I still keep two small notebooks in my bookbag, just in case inspiration wants to pay a surprise visit.

Why do this? Why keep journals, write a blog etc. Most people find they are full of goals and ambitions, but when it comes time to act on these wishes, they are lost. Somewhere between dreaming of the beach body for spring break or the vacation home for retirement, the trail to our dreams goes cold. Where did it go? I should be on my way to muscles by now!

Writing down your thoughts and ideas is the first step to bridging this gap. When ideas are put to paper they become physical. They are no longer these intangible flickers of a better life. They are written in .7mm ball point ink, staring you in the face. And, now the ball is in your court. No one is going to make you start. You have to decide. Once you begin, friends and family are usually thrilled to help. But you have to be the one to get the ball rolling.

Write it down. What ever you are thinking, dreaming, hoping. When it looks you in the face, you decide. You make the leap, or you let it go, but do not let your goals vanish in to the ether. Writing is the paintbrush for your imagination. You control the colors and the canvas. You can make art.